Beginner Pottery for Kids

Teaching your child a craft comes in handy when you want ways to boost their creativity levels and engage them in challenging activities.

Among these crafts is pottery, a hobby many people are turning towards nowadays for its many benefits and enchanting results.

Luckily, there are pottery kits made specifically for children who want to experiment with clay,

In this article, we’re going to guide you through these kits to find the best beginner pottery for kids.

What Does a Pottery Kit Contain?

A pottery kit usually contains various tools that should help you sculpt numerous pottery models, and in some cases, help you design the outcoming result.

So, what are these tools?

A Wheel or a Turntable

A wheel is the soul of potter-makers. It’s an essential part of any pottery equipment, no pottery can be without the presence of a wheel.

Potter’s wheels are classified into two categories: motorized wheels, and non-motorized ones.

Of course, having a motorized wheel eases the process of pottery-making, but it can cause accidents as well.

Sculpting Implements

You may face difficulties when you begin pottering at first, trying to sculpt using your fingers is one of them.

Don’t sweat it though, this is the sole reason why sculpting tools exist.

These kinds of tools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and are even made of different materials.

You can use sculpting tools to help you cut, reshape, and detail your pottery clay.

Type of Clay Used

Determining which clay to use depends on the type of pottering you’ll be doing.

There are 3 main kinds of clay that pottery-makers use: porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

Each type of clay has a different set of characteristics. It’s important to know the features of the clay you’ll be purchasing, so it wouldn’t affect the expected quality of your sculptures.

Keep in mind that being exposed to clay for extended periods can cause serious illnesses such as silicosis, which is also known as potter’s rot.

Practicing pottery once a week is sufficient to make sure that you won’t get infected by such diseases.

Beginner Pottery – Our Top Picks and Reviews

Here are our best picks for affordable, yet practical pottery kits suitable for children who’d like to start making pottery.

Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio, Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids

Starting off with the Faber-Castel kit, this kit comes with pictorial instructions that can teach children various pottering techniques. These instructions can help them unleash their creativity on the non-toxic, dry clay included in the kit.

It also contains a couple of tubes of acrylic paint that children can use to decorate and paint the aftermath of their pottery session, which can further boost their artistic nature and help their creations come to life.


  • Suitable for children aged 6 and up
  • The wheel has 2 different speeds
  • Powered by batteries
  • Can be used for trimming sculptures


  • Wheel doesn’t contain a foot pedal
  • Batteries aren’t included within the kit
  • Added pressure can cause the wheel to stop functioning

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Cool Maker – Pottery Studio

The Cool Maker pottery kit contains several projects your child can use to create different sculptures. You can also purchase extra projects that can help your kid expand their artwork collection.

Additionally, it includes tools that would help with adding decorating patterns on your kid’s sculptures. The Cool Maker kit includes metallic paints that your child can use to add some color to their sculptures for a customized finish.


  • Comes with 6 projects and a smartphone speaker
  • Contains 2 sculpting tools, 2 core tools, a spray bottle and 2 lbs of clay


  • The turntable doesn’t contain a foot pedal
  • Additional projects are sold separately

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MindWare Pottery

Unlike the other two pottery kits mentioned above, the MindWare implements contain a switch that makes sculpting easier on left-handed children.

The multi-directional switch allows users to choose a pottery throwing setting that’s most suitable for them.

It contains illustrated instructions that help kids easily learn the basic skills of pottery. The instructions give them the chance to comfortably experiment with clay, and reduces the chance of mistakes that can occur during the process.


  • Powered by an AC adapter
  • Has a splatter shield
  • Can be used to make pinch pots and coils


  • Projects can crack after the clay dries up
  • The wheel may stop functioning under extra pressure

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Boley Pottery Shop

Rivaling all of the previously mentioned pottery kits in the recommended age requirements, kids as young as 3 years old can use the Boley pottery equipment.

This kit contains a 3C battery-powered wheel that spins at 2 different speeds and can be stopped with a switch.

Such feature aids with preventing any injuries from inflicting to the child using it.


  • The 2 blocks of air-dry clay supplied with the kit are non-toxic
  • Comes with 4 carving tools, 2 paintbrushes and a set of paints


  • Pottery wheel doesn’t have an attached pedal

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IAMGlobal Pottery Studio

Your child can still have his fun with this simple pottery kit. It’s supplied with the equipment needed for your kid to make all sorts of artwork like clay, sculpting tools, and metallic paint.

It has sticks that function in a way similar to sculpting tools, where adjustments can be easily added to the clay your kid is working with. The tool kit is available in pink and blue.


  • Comes with a cutting cord and 2 sculpting sticks
  • Powered by 3 4D batteries


  • Wheel can get stuck if the clay isn’t wet at all times

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Final Words

Pottery is an excellent craft you can teach your kids to learn. It can encourage kids to be more artistic and embrace their creative nature.

We’d like to recommend the MindWare kit as the best pottery kit. Its features support children to create different pottery items, hone their skills, and have fun.

The Faber-Castell kit is a great alternative in case you were looking for something simpler, but still has some good features to it.

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